Don’t Let Pain Slow you Down

There are new treatments available that can improve quality of life without surgery. 

Orthopedic Stem Cell Injection Treatment

Dr. Urse discusses the orthopedic stem cell injection treatment process, benefits and more. 

Platelet Rich Plasma

In this video, Dr. Urse discusess what PRP is, how it is used and who it can benefit. 

About Dr. Urse

Dr. John Urse is a board certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in regenerative medicine and joint replacement.

Dr. Urse has extensive training and expericience with orthobiologic treatments, including stem cell injections and platelet rich plasma (PRP). These new treatments can delay joint replacement surgeries by using the patient’s own cells to achieve healing and anti-inflammatory effects.



Stem cells are taken from a Bone Marrow Aspiration (BMA) and have the unique ability to work directly at the injury site to increase healing and dramatically reduce inflammation and pain. Learn more about Stem Cell Injection Therapy.



Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is your body’s own safe alternative treatment for Orthopedic joint, tendon, ligament and muscle injuries.  It is now applicable to the patient’s area of injury to speed healing, and decrease pain and inflammation. Read more.



Dr Urse provides Hip, knee, and shoulder arthroscopy and joint replacements with an emphasis on arthroscopic hip surgery and hip preservation. More info.



John Urse, DO, FAOAO is a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon with specialized training in orthobiologics, i.e. using the patient’s own cells for  healing and anti-inflammatory effects. Learn more.

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New Treatments - New Technology

An initial consultation can explore individualized treatment plans, which may help avoid surgery or be used as an adjunct to a planned procedure. A determination can be made if the procedure is to be done in an office or in a hospital setting. Procedure costs will vary based upon your insurance, co-pays, deductibles, whether one or two body areas are chosen, and where your particular procedure is performed. To schedule a consultation, call 937-415-9100. Appointments can generally be scheduled within one or two days.


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